Gretchen Whitmer’s Latest Award Will Make Your Blood Boil

Gretchen Whitmer's Latest Award Will Make Your Blood Boil

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– Emma Colton from Washington Examiner reports, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will receive the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s Special Profile in Courage Award for her pandemic response despite a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

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This reminds me of youtube giving itself a free speech award. Nothing means anything anymore, especially in the awards & accolades department.

A Michigander here and I am totally sharing the hell out of this. I am pissed about the award but that commercial…I laughed my ass off. Greatest commercial of 2021.

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Rodger Shull

She is just a BOUGHT and PAID for , soros demo-communist FLUNKIE. nothing more and nothing less, and when she has served her purpose to the demo-communist soros,obama,clinton she will be dumped, they will turn their back to her, and let her be swallowed up by her own actions. Mainly because the demo-communist let her get away with it.