Gov. DeSantis slams blue states: Those lockdowns were not evidence-based

Image taken from Youtube video below

New York Governor Cuomo says that Incompetent government kills people.  What he’s saying here Is the truth. His sending Covid infected patients back to nursing homes was an absolute death sentence. 

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has a different approach which has worked much better. He decided early on to protect the elderly 65 and up population which are the most vulnerable for the covid-19 virus.   Since he protected the elderly from the beginning he has managed to save lives at the beginning of the pandemic. He has made a major focus for the vaccinations to be given to the 65 and up population first. Over 1 million seniors have received a vaccination which is about 25% of the total population of seniors in Florida. 

DeSantis has not focused on lockdowns instead he has focused on protecting the elderly. Businesses are open and people are able to work.  The Florida economy is booming mainly because other cities are forcing lockdowns and people are fleeing those areas and moving to Florida. 

“Florida doesn’t care what Washington DC crooks think about Florida.  FU with love from Florida.” BR Peters

“Cuomo is right, his incompetence killed a lot of elderly people” William Juicebutter

“This guy is amazing!  Look at his state, he also back it up, unlike dems states!” L A

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