Google Tries to FORCE WOKENESS with THIS…

Look: Google's New Feature Will FORCE You to be WOKE...
Image from video below...

– Google Docs has now added a new helpful tool, very much like Microsoft Word’s Clippy.

Top Comments:

The fact that everyone will have a equal voice is a horrible thing for the left, this should tell you everything you need to know about these people .

I already graduated from high school and college as a English literature major with a Latin and history minor. I am a child of refugee immigrants who literally sought asylum here in the United States in 1956. My parents lived through at least two versions of history under Germans and Russians and they had enough and escaped when tanks rolled into Hungary. They taught their children to think for themselves and I am here to say ‘Hell No’ ‘Non Serviam. I will not bow to the woke altar and ideology.

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