God help us all if we don’t ‘check and balance’ Democrats in 2022: Graham

Fox News – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says the Democrats $1.9 trillion COVID bill is ‘out of control liberalism.’

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Lindsey “is going to get to the bottom of it” what a clown show. When his poll #’s are down he makes promises. When they are up he is busy screwing us. Vote these Rhinos out!!

The democrats need to be investigated to see if they have any ties to America.


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Where have the sane Democrats gone? Once upon a time they were the party of JFK, they believed in borders, they believed in working in a bipartisan manner with other legislators for the betterment of American citizens and they believed in the vision that America was built on.
Now they blindly follow Speaker Pelosi and enable her power trip to the detriment of America.