Gavin Newsom’s Sneaky New Plan for the ‘Recall Election’…

Gavin Newsom's Sneaky New Plan for the 'Recall Election'...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – Hank Berrein from The Daily Wire reports, On Monday, Democrat legislators who dominate the California legislature passed a bill, SB 152, that will allow them to move up the recall election of Democrat governor Gavin Newsom, galvanizing GOP legislators who accused Newsom of cheating in order to ensure the recall effort fails.

Top Comments:

He is trying to disinfranchise the voters he needs to be recalled and jailed.

Tyranny, voting fraud and corruption are Democrat virtues.

Here’s something that everybody should be aware of. Some may not know that Gavin Newsom is Nancy pelosi’s nephew. She has big plans for her nephew and we’re talking the presidency. Newsom may be California’s problem right now but he could very easily become the nation’s problem if he is not recalled. You’re already seeing some of the awful things that the Biden administration is jamming down your throat. Just wait till Gavin gets to Washington. Do whatever you can to support this recall.

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Rodger Shull

I use to live in California, left out in 1994 and I have not been back. And I hope for the sake of all of the GOOD CALIFORNIANS there this TWIT demo-communist needs to get kicked to the curb and out of politics FOR EVER , he is as CORRUPT as his , maybe his aunt or not his aunt , I’ve heard 2 versions, but as corrupt as she is, UMMMMM maybe she is his auntie , But maybe both need to do some jail time for CORRUPTION,