Gas Companies Use Ukraine War for RECORD PROFITS

Gas Companies Use Ukraine War for RECORD PROFITS
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The Jimmy Dore Show – Thanks to the war in Ukraine, and the attendant rise in gas prices, US fossil fuel companies stand to make between $37-126 billion in additional profits in 2022.

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What’s really funny is there’s so many people who think it’s only these CEOs who will get all that money, and conveniently leave out the governments hand in it too.

It’s a profit based society. A child understands this. And yet, I meet numerous adults who like to act like they don’t know this simple base fact, as if ignoring it will validate whatever wish fulfillment fantasy they current live in. The mindset here has been carefully cultivated and shaped by decades of propaganda and systemic gaslighting, and holy shit did it work. At this point I don’t know what will happen, but it is all very troubling indeed.

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