Former WH Physician Demands Biden Take a Cognitive Test…

Former WH Physician Demands Biden Take a Cognitive Test...
Image from video below...

BlazeTV – Ronny Jackson, former White House physician for Obama and Trump, sent President Biden a letter demanding he take a cognitive test, citing many of the president’s senior moments. President Biden’s approval ratings are dropping, even among Democrats. The CDC panel meeting on the COVID-19 vaccine and people who have suffered heart inflammation was postponed in order to celebrate Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared racism a public health emergency so she could reallocate COVID-19 funding to minorities.

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Let’s face it, the whole world saw this coming.

I cannot believe their is 48% of people approving of biden. that’s completely ridiculous. There is no way it’s that high..if true we are in a world of trouble.

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