Facebook’s ban on Australian media will leave the platform with ‘plenty of fake news’

Facebook's ban on Australian media will leave the platform with 'plenty of fake news’
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Sky News Australia – Facebook’s decision to ban Australian users and publishers from sharing or viewing news articles on its platform will leave the tech giant with “no real news, but plenty of fake news”, according to Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg. Mr Bragg chaired the committee which looked into the power of Facebook and Google in Australia and told Sky News he was not surprised by Facebook’s ban in response to the government’s media bargain code. “Throughout the Senate committee process … Facebook didn’t exactly cover itself in glory,” he told Sky News. “They effectively said news was of no value to them, they weren’t doing a whole lot to deal with misinformation on their platform. “So, today’s announcement, I think, will leave Facebook as a platform where there’s no real news, but plenty of fake news”. Mr Bragg said “the reality” is the government will make laws for Australia and will not be bullied by Facebook. “They don’t like the idea of compulsory arbitration, they don’t want to be subject to that law and that is too bad,” he said. “That’s a law that we’ve decided is necessary in order to ensure that journalism is paid for.”

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Everything about Facebook is fake anyway.

Aus News: “Pay us or don’t promote our stuff.” FB: “Okay we won’t promote your stuff.” Aus News: “Facbook is not promoting our stuff!!!!!!”

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