EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump ‘really concerned’ with where Biden ‘is taking things’

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump 'really concerned' with where Biden 'is taking things'
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Sky News Australia – Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor Jason Miller says the former US president is “really concerned” about where Joe Biden “is taking things” within the country. Mr Miller spoke to Sky News host Sharri Markson about whether Donald Trump may again make another push for presidency in the future. “I think if the election were next week, I think he would definitely look to go in a run,” Mr Miller told Sky News host Sharri Markson. “Obviously, several years down the road it could be a little bit of a different story, we’ll see where the world is”. “I think president trump definitely would like to run again. “No decision, just to be clear, no decision has been made yet, but I hope he does,” Mr Miller said.

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That’s why there’s a barb wire fence to stop protest about a useless government

Every single American should be concerned .

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