Everything You’ve Ever Seen About Cuba is a Lie?

Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba is a Lie?
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Charlie Kirk
– 60 years ago, Communists seized power in Cuba and all private business and industry were nationalized and the Cuban people have lived under Socialism ever since. Did the theft and redistribution of all wealth and property lead to prosperity and justice for the Cuban people? Many American Leftists would have you believe just that. Turning Point USA traveled to Cuba to investigate the true realities of what a generation of full Socialism has done to the once-thriving Cuban population. What did we discover? Everything you have ever seen about Cuba is a lie.

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Let’s bring in all the Cubans yearning for freedom and send over our Marxist loving BLM supporters. Seems like a fair exchange.

The only equality communism has to offer is that 99.9% of the citizens suffer.

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