EPIC: Bongino’s Full Takedown of BLM Leader…

EPIC: Bongino's Full Takedown of BLM Leader...
Image From Video Below...

Mr Producer Media – Watch Dan Bongino’s takedown of BLM’s greater New York co-founder, Hawk Newsome

Top Comments:

Its fun how he changed his behavior in front of Dan, going full “im the reasonable guy” while the other day he was talking about burning the whole system down

This BLM “LEADER” states he is shoveling feces and urine from housing. He complains about picking up garbage. He complains about dropout rates. All I hear is complaining. Why isn’t this BLM leader teaching people NOT TO SHIT in the halls. Even my DOG is house trained not to shit in the house. Why isn’t he teaching people NOT TO LITTER? Why isn’t he promoting the family unit? He just complains.

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