Enough Is Enough!! This Should Concern ALL Of Us.

Enough Is Enough!! This Should Concern ALL Of Us.
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Russell Brand – In Australia thousands of protestors demonstrated against legislation around new government pandemic powers.

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all of us conspiracy theory nut jobs have been warning you morons for years.

This is what happens when you let the leftist morons who run your college campuses run your country.

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yup anyone who votes for the liberals is a brainwashed moron.

they have been working on getting loyal drones in the democrat party for 100 years. always the same tactic. giving always stuff at other peoples expense.

my grandma is so brainwashed she actually believe the rapist, pedophile, briberious, demented biden is completely sounds and correct. in general she hates the results of everything they do, but as soon as you talk specifically about a democrat she gets angry and defends them.

There are millions of brainwashed democrats drone people who are just that stupid.