Elon Musk Wants to Hire Only American Citizens… Now, The Biden DOJ Is After Him

Elon Musk Wants to Hire Only American Citizens... Now, The Biden DOJ Is After Him
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Dinesh D’Souza – Elon Musk wants to hire only American citizens for SpaceX. Now he’s subject to scrutiny from the Biden Department of Justice seeking to build a case against him for “discrimination.”

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He is fully within his rights to hire only American citizens.

What’s funny is that he himself isn’t even a natural born American, he’s African… the DOJ are attacking an African American…. isn’t that racist

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charles wilkins

Biden will have the DOJ get involved to protect any interest China might have in Space X Elon might have to move everything to Texas to avoid China Spies.


Seems to me the DOJ, in all their brilliance, have overlooked the fact that many Americans are naturalized, Asians, Hispanic, Africans, and the list goes on. So, I ask, where is the discrimination?

charles wilkins

Let’s hope the new standards set by Pelosi on Impeachments come 2022 will cause Biden to be removed as sitting President, it’s not like there is not enough impeachable offenses committed by Biden, to have cause and effect in the game that the Democrats like to play at, with great financial cost to the tax payor. Remember the seven senator traitors and pray they will tossed out of office, and as many Democrat radicals as possible. How long are these can’t govern Democrats going to keep armed troops and bob wire around our capital to protect their twisted non American views? Where is the public medical records and statement that Joe Biden is of sound mind any way? Is he being examined by a real doctor or just another bought and paid for opinion? Every day that goes bye is the cause of more and more Americans losing their jobs with more and more illegals allowed to enter our Country without being tested for the virus looks like just another by China attack on our home land by those who can’t govern.