Dr. Seuss CANCELLED By WOKE Virginia School, Called RACIST!

Dr. Seuss CANCELLED By WOKE Virginia School, Called RACIST!
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Anthony Brian Logan – A Loudon County, Virginia (DC Area) school essentially canceled Dr. Seuss from its “Read Across America Day” celebration due to “racism”. Read Across America Day is also Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so it makes sense for schools to highlight the author.

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I grew up in the United States, seems like there is nothing United about America. So much cancel culture. So much division. Thank you Brian, I also love Dr Seuss!

I feel bad for the younger generations having to grow up in this environment.

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Cheryl Bellerose

I totally agree with this man! This country is in a turmoil! The people that have the opinions that everything is perpertrated by these theories are idiots. This is part of the United States of America. They are trying to destroy our entire history for generations to come!!! Europe is older than America and nothing in their history has been erased!!! Going back to centuries before the USA became a nation! Stop this crap and just leave America’s history alone.

William Simpson