Dr Fauci’s Stunning Response to Infected Migrants Surging

Dr Fauci's Stunning Response to Infected Migrants Surging

The Next News Network – Johnathan Davis from Trending Politics reports, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s lead immunologist and chief medical adviser to the Biden administration, is too busy to see for himself the COVID nightmare engulfing our southwest border via thousands of infected illegal aliens who are simply being allowed into the country under the Biden regime’s implementation of ‘catch-and-release.’

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He’s concerned with people flying on planes across borders. He’s a Dem op

Dr.Anthony Nazi got this yall be calm

He is too busy protecting Americans from a virus to help protect Americans from the biggest virus transmission region. Got it.

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Briben biden

fauci needs to be hung. He has hurt so man people and destroyed so many lives that the person who does him in should be considered and american hero.

Has Fauci told the truth to anyone ever? He certainly never told the truth to trump, he is clearly playing politics now, and I doubt the Biden administration has heard anything honest out of fauci.

Fauci needs to be drug behind a car across the salt flats and and then dump in salt lake.