Don’t Ever Talk to ‘My President’…

Don't Ever Talk to 'My President'...

Newsmax TV – WASHINGTON: As President Biden continues to bumble and fumble on his speeches, forget key administration names and avoids addressing the press and the nation, Rob Carson describes how White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and others are focused on running a block for ‘Sleepy Joe.’

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Absolutely embarrassing administration! Terrible press Secretary, terrible president.. terrible administration

Joke Biden IS NOT the president. He’s an embarrassment even to his handlers.

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Bart Ohama

Joe the Joke Biden the ILLEGITIMATE president. Obama won in 2008 but cheated in 2012 to win. Districts that Obama won had better than 110% voter turnout which is OK using Democrat math. Trump won in 2020 therefore Democrats had to go to option 2 to win, also know as voter fraud and the Obama winning method.


“In a world gone mad the fool is king.”