Do Biden’s Gaffes Seem to be Getting Worse?

BlazeTV – More gaffes from Biden but the press continues to ignore them. Is Biden really fit for office? The American people deserve to know.

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It’s a SHAME to our Nation that biggest FRAUD happened in 2020 elections, and it is still counted as legitimate. LAUGHABLE.

The white house has turned into the world’s most expensive nursing home…

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charles wilkins

Who wants to be in a film? The Biden’s do….
( – One of the biggest stories mainstream media tried to sweep under the rug during the 2020 election season was about Hunter Biden (the president’s son) and his suspect dealings in Ukraine and China. It was alleged that he used his influence with his father —who was the vice president at the time of the deals to broker meetings with him and agents of the foreign government. It’s a story that the bigwigs in Hollywood would steer clear from since they’re cut from the same Progressive cloth as the Democrats, but that type of relationship doesn’t exist with some Irish filmmakers. Producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney have named the movie “My Son Hunter” because, as McAleer puts it: “somebody had to tell this story…bout some of the most powerful people in the country. He went on to say he asked himself whether the story about the Bidens was one about a crime family and came to the conclusion “I think it is, from the research we were doing.” That’s an audacious claim to make about the President of the United States and his relations, and only time will tell if it is a bombshell or a bust.

Eva Hinson Williams

All of these “things” about Joe Biden….His “condition” is, only, going to worsen. So, for about four years, he will be “in charge” of our country. Demos….wake up…what are you going to do??????????????????????????????


I know why Biden is afraid to go to the BORDER.

He fears they may not let him back in if he wanders over the line – does not speak Spanish – and could not correctly answer immigration questions and his accomplish ( the giggler) would be suspected on Narcotics.

Desert Boomer

Not really getting worse – we just never had the opportunity to hear him speak or see him during the campaign.