Disgusting How Lebron James Defends a Knife-Wielding Maniac

Disgusting How Lebron James Defends a Knife-Wielding Maniac
Image from video below...

Candace Owens
– He should have all of his sponsorships stripped but he won’t because black privilege.

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That dude has no brains, he’s a puppet, gets paid to play with a ball and thinking is one of his weakest talents.

Celebrities are so disconnected from normal American lives so when a celebrity starts getting political, you should run in the opposite direction.

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Michael wisley

The knife well Dean idiot is lebron James lover they love to drive up-and-down each other’s Hershey highway until one blows pack of fudge that they call their children and then they eat it ,they are very mentally ill and disturbed baboons that have not transferred into the human side


Thank you for this video !! The media and some in government are fomenting every tragic event. I am a white man. I do not support injustice of ANY kind. I have friends of all colors.


Candace, you are intelligent, aware, and …a credit to the human race.