Disgraceful: College Students Were Eager to Cancel Memorial Day…

Disgraceful: College Students Were Eager to Cancel Memorial Day...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – On Memorial Day, Newsmax’s National Report panel reacts to a ‘Campus Reform’ clip featuring some students very excited to sign a petition ‘cancelling’ Memorial Day and what it represents. – via National Report with Emma Rechenberg and Shaun Kraisman, weekdays at 9AM ET on Newsmax.

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Parents these days are failing miserably. Scary. Hope there’s enough of us raising the next generation right.

THIS Is horrific!! THESE kid’s want to Stop Honoring fallen hero’s that fought and died for Freedom!! There is a Cancer than is spreading, and has to Stop immediately!! Indoctrination From liberals in Colleges!! I’m sickened!

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Rodger Shull

These students of now, are as dumb as a BOX of ROCKS, ( sorry to all the ROCKS in BOXES ) . All have to be mouth without a BRAIN , most are repeating their teaching person’s feelings and agendas. Which is socialist/communist. YES I have never like a college professor or teachers. Just people to full of them selves and live in another world from the COMMON MAN, that is the one that does the work ,hard work. And if you do not like what I said, TO BAD.