Disgrace to See: CNN’s Don Lemon Goes Off on Parents…

Disgrace to See: CNN's Don Lemon Goes Off on Parents...
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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, CNN activist and host Don Lemon unloaded on parents who oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory, demanding they need to stop “making it about you” when it comes to what their children are learning.

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Never trust CHILDLESS politicians or MSM.

so why is lemone’s lover white? Making lemonade

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You can tell by the empty Comment section here that no one cares what he thinks.

Lyin biden

Don lemon is proof the critical race theory is bs. Don lemon has his job becuase and the racist anti white affirmative action law.

If it were not for affirmative action some one intelligent would have Don lemons job.

Affirmative action also proves crt wrong. And if you think affirmative action is new (1964) then you are wrong again. Informal affirmative action has been going on for a century. If you dont believe me read about “the janitors who paints” .

Ask yourself why traditional black colleges exist some almost 200 years old. why there were black Harvard educated surgoens before the Civil war. Ask yourself why the first African slave owner in North America was a black man (Mr. Johnson) and the African first slaves South America were owned by hisoanics.

Then of course there is the whole issue if Chinese slaves in America rented from the Chinese emperor from 1860 to 1910. Funny how Asians in America are constantly attacked by blacks.

I am certain the fake history of crt does not cover any of those things.

Critical race theory is a lie. That is why people don’t want our fake public schools and our low quality schiffy teachers teaching it.


Don Lemon doesn’t make decisions on what’s best for my children or grandchildren. Lemon doesn’t even have children and yet somehow he thinks he’s an experton kids & slavery, neither of which he has ANY experience. If this was about ADULTS wanting to not “have their pleasure interrupted, their peace interrupted.” Then why were we subjected to a full year’s worth of HATRED, destruction, looting and killing??? We are fighting this because YOU are involving OUR CHILDREN! We already HAD our PEACE interrupted by YOU and BLM and ANTIFA and LBGTQ+++….. now you are messing with our kids and that’s going too far. Your hatred is phenomenal! You and I both know that there were slaves in this country, so do our children, we aren’t trying to stop that from being taught, we’re trying to stop your HATRED from being pushed on innocent little kids who will ONLY come to have that hate if it’s TAUGHT to them by people like YOU! MAKING the country racist is not TEACHING history, it’s destroying the country!