Diabolical Nancy Pelosi is Trying to Steal an Election…

BlazeTV – Nancy Pelosi is diabolical. She is trying to overturn republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ election victory as Iowa’s 2nd District U.S. Representative. Miller-Meeks won the contest by a mere seven votes, and because it was so tight, a special state commission declared her the victor. Now, Pelosi and her congressional cronies are attempting to steal the seat back for the democrats.

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Nancy Lugosi’s drunken rants and raves won’t be missed when she meets Satan

Hi Mark. Pelosi is beyond diabolical. She is in league with something un natural.


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“Diabolical Demon-Nancy Pelosi” is Trying to Steal another Election!  “We the People” don’t really care what Pelosi has to say as we are in control, NOT HER! We are sick and tired of listening to ALL THE TALK from her and her LEFT-WING MEDIA. We must IMPEACH Pelosi, Biden, Harris and the rest of LYING ELITE DEM’S who DO NOT LISTEN, but work against the American people who hired them in the first place. The DEM HATEFUL PARTY is going against “Our Constitution” and doing EVERYTHING ILLEGAL. They must be IMPEACHED & ARRESTED to also face prosecution for HIGH TREASON against Pres. Trump and now, for pork spending of all OUR TAXES on other nations and bailing out the BLUE STATES where they supported ANTIFA & BLM for burning and looting their cities as well as, filling their own pockets with our money to give themselves extremely high raises and pensions for a DO NOTHING DEM PARTY without our agreement, and now they are stopping to build THE WALL which we already paid for to completion. Also, they are going against the PROTECTION of Americans by letting ALL ALIENS in, with rapists, murderers, drugs, and diseases along with COVID-19 carriers who will be given food, clothing, shelter, homes, medical, education & citizenship FREE without doing anything for these billions of dollar expenses PAID FOR BY the American people. All they did while Pres. Trump was in office and even when he’s out of office… is to ATTACK HIM in every way possible by spending OUR MONEY on trying to IMPEACH HIM with all the investigations etc. They didn’t pass not one bill, nor do anything good by “We the People!” ENOUGH of SPENDING OUR MONEY & ILLEGALLY STEALING TRUMP’S ELECTION! Now, after the fact, we are finding out how Pelosi & her DEM counterparts planned and accomplished these illegal actions against our Constitution and the TRUTH is all coming out. It is not too late to re-instate our LEGAL PRESIDENT TRUMP to continue his rightful position as our President of the United States of America for the entire world to see that our nation is a nation of LAW & ORDER! 

Elaine Rogers

So why don’t the Republicans start impeachment against Pelosi
& all social media ban her? Sound familiar???