Deranged Dems Say, ‘Follow the Science or ELSE’…

Deranged Dems Say, ‘Follow the Science or ELSE'...
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BlazeTV – Lockdowns and mandates have nothing to do with “public health” and everything to do with government power. Our freedoms are like a sandcastle. They are delicate. A sandcastle can take hours to build and seconds to destroy. Liberty is no different. Once we give up a freedom it will be near impossible to regain. When they say “follow the science” we must say “follow the history.” No society can remain free if technocrats can simply declare that our rights are null and void. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace joins Andrew to break down the ACTUAL COVID statistics in individual states. Then Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera sheds some light on what’s actually going on at the Texas-Mexico border and how much COVID-19 testing is being conducted on migrants (spoiler: not much).

Top Comments:

The “SCIENCE” does not agree with the Leftists whatsoever. Period.

Democrats use the word “ science,” the same way they use “ racist”. They have no clue!

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