Debunking the January 6th Commission’s LIES…

Debunking the January 6th Commission's LIES...
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BlazeTV – As the January 6th Witch Hunt Commission continues its dirty work to smear conservatives, they’re twisting reality to get the outcome they seek. In their latest move, Mark exposes the lies and fabrications woven into their subpoena of Bernard Kerik. It’s a political operation reminiscent of a Soviet-style Politburo.

Top Comments:

If the DOJ is politicized how can anyone expect fairness. This is terrifying. I know my father is rolling over in his grave because he escaped an eastern block country for justice and human equality. This isn’t what he had in mind!!

It’s a conflict of interest for Nancy to even be involced in an investigation, where she has multiple conflicts of interest. You can’t have it, where the person in charge of an investigation is a person of interest, being that she was in charge of security, which makes her a person of interest by default.

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