Dave Ramsey SLAMS Stimulus Checks, Lefty Media Don’t Like It!

Dave Ramsey SLAMS Stimulus Checks, Lefty Media Don't Like It!
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Anthony Brian Logan – Financial advisor Dave Ramsey made an appearance on Fox News to speak about student loan forgiveness and stimulus checks. Ramsey said that he is against stimulus checks although he understands the pain of many people in the nation. And the reasoning behind his stance? Ramsey says if a person needs $600 to $1400 so desperately at a time like this, then that person likely has other obvious issues that a stimulus check won’t solve. The debt experts’ comments about the stimulus checks were factual to many although brutal and “insensitive” to others.

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My Baptist church offers Dave Ramsey financial classes for free. God Bless Texas!

I’m paying for 2 kids in college right now! Why do I have to pay off other people’s student loans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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