Critical Race-Baiting Enters the Military…

Critical Race-Baiting Enters the Military...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV
– Cory Mills, CEO and founder of PACEM Solutions joins Newsmax to react to new military training policies and how they may be related to the controversial ‘critical race theory’ that is supported by some, plus ongoing lockdown measures in Gavin Newsom’s California.

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After what has happened the first 100 days, we won’t make it until 2022. We’ve got to get these people outta there.

I retired 2 years ago from active duty Army after serving 26 years. I made my decision to retire, despite the fact I could have stayed 32+ years, because of the absolute insanity I saw coming. I am so blessed for making that decision. I pray for those who serve. Be safe, be courageous, be strong!

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