Confronted Over Lack of Public Response…

Confronted Over Lack of Public Response...
Image from video below...

Forbes Breaking News – At a White House Press Briefing, Jen Psaki is asked about polling data that shows a lack of support for the Biden administration’s handling of the border.

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Completely failed administration!!! They need to forfeit their stolen election.

Just wow. I guess we are all idiots. That’s how she treats us

We need to take care of our own people first!! This is just a disaster! Close the border NOW!

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Diana Kueker

I want answers to why Biden and his Cronies are in office when they clearly stole the election and why illegals have more rights than citizens, and I want to know now!!!


The way to stop the people pouring across the border is to put them in school and teach them the conservative viewpoint. the democrats will be totally opposed to more immigration.