Commentary: The Border Crisis is Exactly what the Left Wants

Commentary: The Border Crisis is Exactly what the Left Wants
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BlazeTV – Sure, every new President sees an influx of hopeful immigrants along the border, but every indication appears to show that this current overflow along the southern border will be even more expansive than every before. And you know the truly scary part? This is exactly what Joe Biden and the Democrats want.

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It’s not a crisis, it’s an operation being carried out by the “administration”..

Joe Biden is a disaster for United States

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charles wilkins

Intentional self infected wound! Benedict Arnold the most infamous traitor of America until current times. We now have someone in our highest office who hates the American people, attacks American employment, attacks out energy sources, threatening our food chains, trying to bankrupt our economy with socialist idealism, and really has sold his soul to all foreign powers. Mr. President what do you think how the Biden name will be remembered in history? Our great border protector? Loved by all Americans? That bust you have in your office of John Kennedy who said “ask not what your country but what you can do for your country” Put it away please you do another disservice to our Country, memories and you own fake put on demeanor. Your policies do not represent Democrat or Republican or any American values. The Biden family will be forever known as the family who enriched themselves at the expense of the American Tax payor. That’s how 78 million plus American voters will remember not only you but also your entire family.

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It is about time these Democrats took responsibility for their actions. I think they should adopt at least 100 illegals and provide food, shelter, clothes, medical & pocket money for each. I am tired of my money paying for these things when these dems can afford to set these illegals up for a wonderful life all the while screwing the people they supposedly represent!