Columbia University Student Speaks Out About their ‘Segregated Graduation’

Columbia University Student Speaks Out About their 'Segregated Graduation'

Newsmax TV – Columbia University plans on ‘segregating’ their 2021 commencement to include black, LGBTQ, Latino, Native, first gen and low income ceremonies, Zachary Becker opposes the idea and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘Greg Kelly Reports.’

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We seem to be moving toward more racism than ever.

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Let’s simplify it for the graduates! Instead of dividing the pie up, graduate in alphabetical order! Anyone that wants a separate graduation can pick up their diploma in the gymnasium 3 days after the services. No pomp and circumstance for them! They want to act like little children, treat them the same way!

Dan Winright

At least the graduates will be able to flip burgers at McDonald’s. Er wait. Aren’t they automated now?

Robert Richey

Biden is now and will go down as the worse president ever by tenfold. The problem is he will never know it. The people making the decisions found the perfect stooge who will take the blame and never realize what happened.