CNN’s Jim Acosta Has This Ridiculous Meltdown About Fox News…

CNN’s Jim Acosta Has This Ridiculous Meltdown About Fox News...
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The Next News Network
– Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, During his poorly-rated weekend show on fake news CNN, anchor Jim Acosta repeatedly used the term “bs” when referring to Fox News and conservatives in general.

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That’s probably why Fox’s ratings are zooming while CNN is tanking.

Ol Jim is about the closest thing that exists to what is known as a shill or grievance peddler. Everyone knows this man gets paid to barf things he doesn’t believe in.

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I think CNN must have started a U-turn with the retirement of Bernard Shaw. Has there been a genuine journalist hired by CNN since he left. Now there have been tapes of the head honcho of CNN discussing the narrative they will follow on any certain story – not the news or what their investigating reporters can uncover, but the way they want the story to go. They have a bunch of people who came out of college brainwashed by almost 100% liberal professors and they haven’t developed or grown a whit since graduation!!! Pitiful! And Acosta is the biggest, most odious example!

Rodger Shull

I like it when jim acosta has a MELT DOWN , it show how unprofessional he really is.