CNN with a known Antifa member in the Capitol

“CNN with a known Antifa member in the Capitol. Are you people realizing what is going on here yet!?!? You are being played like fiddles by MSM.

Yes there are crazy far right people but it seems obvious there are a lot less of them than the crazy far left… and the media is F##KING working with Antifa!

You really cannot be that stupid, can you!?!?!

And to be clear, yes there were Trump supporters in the Capitol… but they have also arrested several Dems and radical left as well. Nobody what went in there was justified in doing so… just like everyone that damaged cities nationwide should be prosecuted to the fullest extent… BUT out VP elect tweeted for people to donate to a bail fund to get those criminals out. 🤮🤮🤮” Erin G

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