Chuck Schumer: “Donald Trump Incited an Erection”

Image taken from Youtube video below

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Fred LeMaster

Mr. Schumer has the very same ailment that (The Questionable us president, who Is NOT My president = ?#46?, Bejing Biden #30330) has, which is called Dementia and Memory Lose = Delusional Trump Syndrome! I will not even say that Mis-Spoken Impeachment Expression = “Word” neither! Mr. Schumer, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Nadler, Mrs. Pelosi, Mrs. Waters and many more DTS Infected Aristocratic Way Too Far Left Leaning Chinese Commie Socialist Infiltrated Congressional Members Of The USA’s Government, truly need to be admitted to one of those Insane Asylums, to have Lobotomy Operations Done, just to find out why they do Not want to follow The Whole US Constitution To The Letter, Word And All Of The Time, Like They Are Supposed To Do!!!