China Commits the Crime and then Stand Up and Denies It…

China Commits the Crime and then Stand Up and Denies It...
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Sky News Australia – LNP MP George Christensen says it’s the kind of thing to expect from China that they “go and commit the crime” then “stand up and deny it” amid accusations Beijing was behind a major global cyber attack. “It’s the kind of stuff we come to realise from China, we can’t believe a word they say, they go and commit abuses such as they have against the Uighurs in the Xinjiang province,” Mr Christensen told Sky News host Paul Murray. “Then front the world saying ‘there’s nothing to see here, we aren’t engaging in slavery or slave labour camps or forced sterilisation or anything like that when there’s actually satellite imagery and testimony from former Uighur slaves to prove that they are doing it. “It’s the kind of stuff we’ve come to expect from China; go and commit the crime then stand up and deny it when you’re accused of it.”SHOW LESS

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The average IQ isn’t the only thing they’ve artificially inflated in China.

China has NO SHAME!…….press the button!

People will never learn. All the countries have to do is cut China off from everything. If there are any China owned businesses in the country. Make them sell out and leave. Don’t import or export to or from China

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