Carlson Reacts to Pelosi’s ‘Strange New Phrase’

Fox News – ‘Open Biden?’ Tucker Carlson breaks down Nancy Pelosi’s strange opening conference statement.

Top Comments:

Congress looks and acts like a nursing home, can’t we do better.

The US has a serious mental health crisis!


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Just another example of Pelosi being as senile and mentally incompetent as Joe Biden…

it’s hard to explain the tricks one’s mind plays on you when you reach that age, and that stage of life… but one thing is for certain, neither one of them should be anywhere near a position of authority or power at this stage of their life.

Both of them should be in a nursing home, under 24/7 care by those who know how to monitor the health and manage the comfort of those in the last remaining years of their lives, and both of them are very dangerous in their positions, being entrusted with the safety and well-being of others, and making decisions that affect the lives of millions of others, when they themselves are unable to even speak in coherent sentences anymore. .

Mark Mccall

She may be still under the effects of the anesthesia from her latest face lift! Nursing home, Nancy! The nursing home is looking for you!!