Capitol on high alert, Dems push H.R. 1, Biden mistreats troops!

Capitol on high alert, Dems push H.R. 1, Biden mistreats troops!

Newsmax TV – WASHINGTON: As House Democrats’ majority has allowed the H.R. 1 bill to pass, pundits and lawmakers await its fate in the Senate, plus National Guard troops continue to stay stationed in DC and around The Capitol, while there are reports of the armed forces members being further mistreated.

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Americans are waking up to this scam. Most popular president with no popularity.

We Want Our President The One We Voted For And Our President Is President Trump.

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charles wilkins

Hunter is coming back,Hunter Biden advising the President on China the worlds smartest man alias some say the worlds greatest money launder and some say still shadow President accepted this unofficial position to advise on want he can get from China column A OR B this massive experience comes from the many tax payor “paid for trips to China negotiating deals our government has no idea.…/biden-s-adviser-on…

Jenifer Thomas

Joe Biden is a traitor to our country. He wants our troops to do his bidding while he treats them like scum. HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.

Ann Marie

I have been saying that since before he took office, he and his son are traitors, they should be hung, just like the days of yore..He will never be my president nor will harris..I cannot bear to look at them….. what they are doing to our country is unacceptable , all the good that President Trump brought us, they are taking it down , just because they are jealous, they could not shine his shoes, the entire administration should be ousted…….


He’s the We The People Unpresident. He’s just a Puppet and the Strings are being pulled by Puppet Master Knee Pad Harris and the Harris Presidency..Everyone could see that 20
Minutes from Joe China was Sworn in to Office.


Where is the national media investigating and exposing how our National Guard troops are being denigrated by, and subjected to, unnecessarily poor housing conditions? Why is that media NOT investigating the alleged excuses for keeping those troops in DC? Why is that same media not vilifying the fencing around our nation’s Capital as vehemently as they did, and do, vilify the fencing at our Southern border? Why is that same mainstream media not railing against the Biden administration’s refusal to allow ANYONE to view the holding facilities and the children incarcerated there?

charles wilkins

Relief is not on the way.. Democrats Reject Republican Attempts To Prevent Stimulus Checks From Going To Prisoners, Illegal Aliens. What’s on the way is financial disaster, higher taxes, more foolish spending, more corruption, check your cost of gas at the pump now, and folks it’s only going to get worse. The party that can’t govern is now in charge of purse strings, dictatorship economy is here bite the bullet, it’s all down hill from here until 2022. Have a president that’s not in control of his mental faculties, trying to put every degenerate he can find as part of his cabinet and socialist running things from the backroom. The crisis Biden has caused at the border is tearing our economy apart, instead of sending troops to our border Pelosi has need of protection from what her guilty conscience and being so anti-American. They are trying to change our election laws for the future. Hopefully we’ll see all these lifetime entitled Dems replaced in 2022.