Candace Owens Latest Rant Will Leave You Floored!!!

Candace Owens Latest Rant Will Leave You Floored!!!
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BlazeTV – Candace Owens joins us to discuss her personal journey from liberal to conservative and explains the ongoing attack on family values perpetrated by the mainstream media and the education system.

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This woman is incredible. Future President? First Woman worthy of the Office! 😤 America First 🇺🇸

My family lives on remote acreage, and I cut my cable about 35 years ago. Yesterday my wife and I were in town, and stopped at a small restaurant and it had television news. Within five minutes I realized how the hypnotism works, everything on the screen reinforces normalcy bias. There is an engineered Global food crisis happening now, but people want to talk about their favorite political talking head, or some goofball actor, pimp slapping a comedian, bringing attention to alopecia, that Pfizer happens to have a cure for. Oh, and did I mention Pfizer sponsored this year’s Oscars? Shakespeare was correct, all the world really is a stage.

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