Busted: Pelosi with Voters Over Jan 6th…

Busted Pelosi with Voters Over Jan 6th...
Image From Video Below...

The Next News Network – Julia Manchester from The Hill reports, A majority of voters say they believe the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol is biased, according to a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey.

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Pelosi is to blame! Biden administration is a worldwide embarrassment! Pelosi needs to stop down!

Pelosi doesn’t care about the people. She only cares about HERSELF.

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Rodger Shull

pelosi is only causing trouble to cover her own corruption and crimes, and that is the basics for all of her own self caused chaos, from tearing up the S.O.T.U speech to push the VERY STUPID schiff to hold 2 failed impeachment trials, and standing in the way of the border wall, Yes so very true to only cares about HER and HER alone, she is far more corrupt than the clintons combined. To get her out of the Congress is to be the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY ,and IMPEACHMENT for biden and harris the NUMBER 2 PRIORITY and then once out , investigate her and indict and and arrest and trial and then JAIL, for treason and fraud.