Busted: Narrative on the Australian Vaccine Rollout…

Busted: Narrative on the Australian Vaccine Rollout...
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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray has called out the “anti-government haters” who blame the federal government over the vaccine rollout. “There is always another brick in the wall that is placed in the narrative that is trying to be established by Anthony Albanese and the anti-government haters,” he said. “They don’t just hate the government, they hate you too, the quiet Australian.”

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No we don’t have a vaccine hesitancy issue, we have a liability issue, as in no one is or can apparently be held liable for the side effects of this Cr….p! Lack of accountability from politicians wasting tax payers money , bullying the ones paying their salaries and stopping the public from making their own income at the same time, while forcing experimental jabs down on them and their children.

The WHO demands a randomized placebo controlled trial before using ivermectin, etc. Yet the WHO does not require such a trial before using the experimental vaccines. Let that one sink in for a minute.

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