Britney Spears Shocks Instagram After Posting Nude Pics

Britney Spears Shocks Instagram After Posting Nude Pics
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– Britney Spears has shocked a lot of her fans on Instagram after posting 12 full frontal nude photos to her feed.

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As someone who was ridiculously sheltered as a child/teen, this comes across to me as an act of rebellion/first taste of freedom. I’m curious what the reaction would be if she was much younger. A huge majority of us who’ve been in similar situations as she was during the conservatorship, went through this phase of going absolutely wild, for a time, after we tasted that first bit of freedom. Unfortunately, because of her celebrity status, hers is playing out on the world’s screen, instead of within the confines of her own home/family. I do feel sad for her boys though. They don’t deserve the crapshow that, I’m sure, their lives have become/will become as a result of this. Hopefully, she reigns it in a bit before any more damage is done to any of her kids.

She’s a grown woman! If she wants to post nude pictures of herself, then that’s her right! It’s not like she’s living in a country with sharia law where she could be killed for posting nude photos, instead she’s living in a country where people think it’s totally okay to body shame to force her back into this Victorian Era way of thinking. How dare she make decisions for herself! How dare her fiance allow her to act like the adult she is! Clearly she still needs to be controlled by her father (and the rest of society who think they know what’s best for her when they ***clearly do not***)!

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