BOMBSHELL: Clinton Lawyer and FBI are Caught Colluding!

FBI & Clinton Lawyer Caught Colluding During Russiagate
Image from video below...

The Jimmy Dore Show
– Even though the prosecution of Clinton attorney Michael Sussman on charges of lying to the FBI resulted in an acquittal, the trial itself brought a great deal of additional information to light about the Clinton campaign’s detailed and intimate involvement in pushing the Trump-Russia hoax and, in many cases, themselves colluding with the FBI in pushing alleged “evidence” of a connection between Russia and Donald Trump.

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As a conservative, I really appreciate Aaron and Jimmy’s being unbiased enough to put their dislike of Trump to one side to expose the truth. This is what proper journalism should be about.

These people don’t get caught, they do this crap right out in the open because they know nothing will happen to them.

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