BLM Makes a New Declaration to Destroy America…

BLM Makes a New Declaration to Destroy America...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network – John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, Black Lives Matter’s Utah Chapter is claiming that the American flag is a “symbol of hatred” and is condemning anyone who chooses to fly it. The group made their declaration in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

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Anyone who had any doubts about Black Lying Marxist’s goals has been living under a rock!!

I am offended by BLM calling them selves Americans because Americans would be proud of the flag 🇺🇸

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frank lamonica sr

Biden thinks his job is to suck up with BLM, transgenders. pride. and woman . he should be checking and preparing for Russia. China, Iran. & North Korea and be concerned about all the idiots that want to change our way of life-changing, removing all our statues that represent our history, not racism. the colors in your flag , no prays in school any more not saying the pledge of allegiance in schools and meetings .his main concern should be getting our country patriotism back all these idiots we let in our country and then they try to change our way of living they should be sent back to were they came from; BLM so much why are they shooting each other and the highest percentage in prison are black if they worked hard they could become some thing to be proud of, Bidden you are a shame to our country i can n ot call you a president untill you act like one