BLM Makes a Mentally SICK Move Against Police… Watch!

Black Lives Matter Makes SICK $200k Move Against Police…
Image from video below...

The Next News Network
– reports, In addition to spending money on lavish parties and very expensive real estate, Black Lives Matter gave $200,000 to an organization whose Director likes to refer to law enforcement officers as “pigs,” reports the Daily Mail.

Top Comments:

When its the police that are expected to clean up a mess the protected class makes there should be no barriers between the police and unsuspecting people. These people are sick.

As the daughter of an incredible man who was a NYC police officer, I take GREAT offense to this. My dad was quiet, intelligent, funny, and NEVER offensive – and I believe the majority of his fellow officers were very much like him. I met several of them! This just rubs me the wrong way. I grew up meeting both black and white officers who loved my dad. I am PRO my black brothers and sisters, just like my dad – but I sure am also PRO POLICE!!! And I know MANY black families who would say the same.

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