BLM Flocks to Cops House: What Happens Next is Terrifying!

BLM Flocks to Cops House: What Happens Next is Terrifying!
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The Next News Network – Lee Brown from the New York Post reports, Some protesters gathered outside the home of Kimberly Potter, the 26-year police veteran who resigned Tuesday for shooting Wright after apparently mistaking her gun for her Taser, the Daily Mail reported.

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I am so sick of the race factor. They will use any excuse to loot and riot.

Lesson learned: This is why the US government wants to disarm the American people, so you can’t defend yourselves against Antifa and BLM terrorists.

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Looking for reprisals.Watching


The demonRATs want to do away with a civilian police because they want the military police force like Hitler had… called brown shirts. They have to convince we the people of this so we will accept being under their police state control. Their “brown shirts” will not be USA citizens but more than likely UN soldiers from all over the world. It will be their utopian world order dictatorship. They know that Americans are independent, so they have to break our spirit and our independence. If they produce enough school killings and enough BLM & Antifa riots, and enough domestic shootings, they can convince is to agree to gun confiscation, convince us to give up defending and protecting ourselves against the terrorists that cross our borders, and convince us to give up our freedoms, giving up freedom of speech, giving up our homes, our land, our neighborhoods, our doctors, our healthcare, and giving up living free, PERIOD. Just watch, listen, and open up your eyes and ears and SEE how they manipulate, indoctrinate, and brainwash us into caving to them and accepting the communism that they are forcing us into. They are drunk on absolute power, absolute control over us and our paychecks. They are using the race card, the equity card, the equality card, the class warfare card, with their politically correct hog wash, to divide us so that they can USE us to destroy ourselves FOR THEM, because without our self destruction, they could never do it.