Black Lives Matter Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Black Lives Matter Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
Image From Youtube video below

The current news cycle is so ridiculous nowadays that  it’s very difficult to tell what is parody and what is real news. When I first saw this headline I literally thought it was from the onion or possibly The Babylon bee!

I always thought the Nobel Peace Prize was actually an award for spreading peace! Literally the last thing that I think about when it comes to a Nobel Peace Prize is black lives matter. 

How many cities do you have to burn down in order to be nominated for this so-called Nobel Peace Prize?

This award has become quite the joke over the past few years! They really outdid themselves this year with the nomination of black lives matter and Stacey Abrams for the Nobel Peace Prize!

“I’d rather nominate someone who’s not a black supremacist hate group.”
Ryu Fuzen

“Alfred Nobel is not only turning in his grave, but is the only dead person who didn’t vote for Biden.”
Iam N.

“It was only a matter of time, it’s getting crazy as hell out here.”
Jordan Duran

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