Biden’s UN Ambassador Trashes the USA in Front of Everyone

Biden's UN Ambassador Trashes the USA in Front of Everyone
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The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, There are many aspects of Biden’s administration that are insulting, but this might be a new low. His United Nations ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield recently trashed America and its founding documents as having white supremacy woven into them.

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The unAmerican Biden administration is a laugher in the world stage!!

Wow. Our nation may not survive four years of this garbage administration. This is so disgusting!

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Mark Spencer

Am so sick and tired of having everything being blamed on “white supremacy” or white’s being discrimatory against other races. What are we seeing now? Is it wrong if we start shouting out “black supremacy”? I mean that’s exactly what’s going on anymore. If one is white, they are now being openly excluded from a lot of things. If one is white, they are expected to apologize for their “whiteness” and be remorseful about it. How or why should anybody apologize for what they born as? God chose us to be the race we are. God did not put anything in our DNA make-up to cause us to be prejudiced against any race. What caused this to happen is caused by what Adam and Eve did in the Garden. They sinned and that sin is the root cause of all of this garbage, but even so, that prejudice mindset has to be taught. It comes from outside sources and not internal sources.
That so-called ambassador is not who we need to be our representative to the world, not because of her color, but because of her mindset. She apparently does not like the white people and therefore, her words reflect that. She is not ambassadorial material and shouldn’t be representing the American people in the U.N.