Biden’s Plotting a ‘Total Reboot’ of the World as We Know It…

Biden's Plotting a 'Total Reboot' of the World as We Know It...
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The Next News Network – Charlie Spiering from Breitbart reports, Joe Biden warned Americans on Thursday not to expect a swift economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic, predicting a future with some disappointing numbers.

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That’s funny because America is planning a boot for Biden.

Every time he speaks, he shows how much he hates America and the American people.

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How this lying, pedophile, braindead, POS ever gained the White House, (by cheating), will be the great question of the future populations!! Just like the pyramids, and 9/11, there will NEVER be an honest answer!!! Resident “Creepy Joe” is a pathetic excuse for a human-being, don’t even mention “a president”!! He belongs in prison along with most of his family!! If there wasn’t cheating and mass fraud, he wouldn’t even get a job being a crossing guard at an school for little kids!! This POS is a world class a-hole and a total embarrassment to AMERICA, and needs to be stopped, NOW!!!!!!