Biden’s Marxist Plan Will Obliterate the Middle Class

Biden's Marxist Plan Will Obliterate the Middle Class
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BlazeTV – You work hard – you pay your taxes. You scrape to save every penny – and you pay more taxes. If you’re lucky, you pass your hard-earned savings on to your children so they might enjoy a better life. Sounds like the American Dream, right? Now, Joe Biden seeks to raise taxes on the super-rich to fund his unprecedented socialist spending spree, while claiming that his plan won’t touch you, the average American. But as Mark reveals, Biden’s tax plan is really a Marxist magic trick. So, brace yourself. Because the “mark” in this tax trick is you and everything you’ve worked for.

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It’s sick as hell. I have a really bad feeling about all of this.

They are trying to herd us into the cities, take away gasoline powered cars and generators.

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