Biden’s Energy Sec Granholm: ‘We don’t have much moral authority’ to call out Communist China…

Biden's Energy Sec Granholm: 'We don’t have much moral authority' to call out Communist China...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden’s Energy Sec Granholm: “We don’t have much moral authority” to call out Communist China.

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No, we got a communist problem

Someone in politics saying they shouldn’t be hypocrites? What a joke.

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charles A wilkins

Another unAmerican biden appointee who loves China, The United States is facing a massive supply chain shortage. Meanwhile, Secretary of Transportation Buttigieg has been on paid leave.American troops died in a botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Secretary of State Blinken was on vacation in the Hamptons. There is a MASSIVE humanitarian crisis at our southern border. And Vice President Harris is everywhere but the border. ent: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 7:43 am Anthony Fauci, why is this step and fetch it political proven midget liar, and China virus lover still in the news? Guess because the bidens are proven liars, is this one of the new democrat pre qualification for public office? Every one of these biden appointees, seems not able to answer any direct questions, wonder who they are trying to take after? and then when they do answer it appears to be a direct lie or anything bit the truth. Hope congress remembers when the house returns to real Americans. Is that the new MO to be a democrat? watch me walk away, look at the back of my head, don’t answer questions, kiss mu dalt axx. Night flights are the trademark of bidens plan to escape all the laws that govern our immigrant laws, do these people who bring dumped illegal’s in your backyard know your taxes will rise? shortages of milk, shortages of lunches, shortages of everything except disease ridden illegal’s, bet West Chester New York never realized that had so many illegal relatives living in their area? Where is all this extra money going to come from to feed, cloth, house, take care of medical problems, for these areas that biden is dumping illegal’s in? certainly not on the the taxes the bidens are avoiding or their obscure accounts established from selling political office. Where are the virus checks for the immigrants? Biden and the democrats want to raise your taxes.


Good post. Agree with you 100%. And Grandholm when governor of Michigan ran it into the ground.