Biden’s DOJ Nominee is Dismantled with One Simple Question

Biden's DOJ Nominee is Dismantled with One Simple Question

The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Joe Biden has nominated a far-left radical named Vanita Gupta to be the second in command at the Department of Justice. During a recent hearing with Gupta, Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas got to question her and one question summed up the entire hearing.

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She’s very two faced, She’s a normal liberal

What? That gal is nuts! I’m in a mixed race family.we all think this crap is b*******.

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Should she not be cancelled? Past words are cancelling words.

Robert Richey

Biden’s nominee! What a joke, Joe Biden has never heard this person’s name mentioned in his life. Whoever is running our country believes we’re all stupid. The only stupid ones are those who believe Biden is actually in charge and making decisions. How much longer do they think they can get away with this charade?