Biden: You feel like you are in complete control…

Biden: You feel like you are in complete control...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden: “You feel like you are in complete control.”

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I rather watch Joe wreck a car then him wrecking this country. Let’s go Brandon

his puppet master needs to give him a little more slack so his arms can hang

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charles A wilkins

Does his fxxed up results look like he in charge?Democrats like to lie and create non reality talk shows but the public is now the wiser, democrats hate the school parents,Biden is killing the American way of life, Biden going out campaigning is like joe biden pretending to like blacks, what is he possibly going to talk about? how he fxxxed up the Trump ecomony? inflation, shortages, his great exit plan from Afghanistan? raising taxes? his corruption, wait I got it his $500,000 wall being built with homeland security money, which is taxpayer money for his summer home in Delaware? increase cost in gas,gasoline, higher energy prices across the board? food cost, the recession were in? no wait, now I have it, our wide open boarders with virus infected illegal’s being dumped around our Country, with no regard for the increase burden to local tax payors, school lunch shortages, his corruption of the DOJ? Hunters new pay to play scam? Can’t imagine what he is going to talk about? His CNN town hall was full of fibs guess his trip to Virginia, New Jersey will more of the same, joe biden and the democrats must really thing the public is that stupid?