Biden: We Need to Go to Neighborhoods and Go Door-to-Door…

Biden: We Need to Go to Neighborhoods and Go Door-to-Door...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden: “We need to go ..neighborhood-by-neighborhood.. literally knocking on doors”.

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And they say Joe Biden isn’t running things, this is the worst idea ever! To the people who are going to be coming to my door let me give you some advice. DON’T!

Joe, we don’t want you or your fear monger friends in our neighborhood.

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Mark Spencer

Sleepy Joe can and his ilk can take a long walk of a short pier.. I refuse to take his stinking vaccine. As someone who’s worked nearly 39 years in the medical field, I am leary of all this push for people to get shot. There is a lot wrong with this vaccine and the fact, unlike pretty much most of the vaccines, this attempt to try and make everyone take the vaccine seems highly suspicious. I believe this is a push to enforce the globalist’s agenda, which appears on the “Ten Commandments’ found on the Georgia Guide Stones To reduce the world population to NO MORE than 500 million. How does one get rid of over 6 billion humans, without destroying the environment, worse than it already has been. You release viral pandemics, which actually is not as deadly as they predicted and then you follow those up with so called vaccines against the viruses, but are in fact a means to introduce substances to the recipient’s bo-dies which are unproven and likely to destroy the recipient or at least change their DNA by introducing a messenger RNA that will affect the DNA in ways we can’t imagine. I ain;’t gonna comply.